Sports Arbitrage Opportunities

  • Cincinnati Bengals +200
  • Baltimore Ravens -175
  • You bet $150 on the Bengals
  • You should wager $78.55 on the Ravens to maximize your arb
  • Your profit will be $7.10

The Main Challenge Is Finding Arbs

  • Tampa Bay Rays +185
  • New York Yankees -160
  • You wager $200 on the Rays
  • The bookmaker shifts the Yankees’ odds to -200
  • You’re guaranteed to lose if you still wager on the Yankees
  • You’ve basically placed a regular $200 bet on Tampa Bay

You Can’t Rely on Finding Arbs by Yourself

You Must Use Arb Software


Free Arbitrage Betting Software Exists

  • They don’t cover many markets
  • They don’t refresh quickly
  • Odds often come in on a delay
  • It’s hard to bet each leg in time when relying on these programs

You May Want to Buy Software

Best Arbitrage Opportunities

  • Odds refresh faster and give you a stronger chance to bet every leg in time.
  • Your get extra features, such as alerts, arbing calculator, and more-detailed filters.
  • More markets are covered.

Concerns With Arbing and Paying for Software


Sports Arbitrage Software

Sports Betting Arbitrage Opportunities




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